Former Leadership Director Brings New Muscle Shoals Sound to Mayor's Race

Updated: May 1

Muscle Shoals, AL – There’s a new sound in Muscle Shoals, and her name rings a bell with many in the business community. Chelsea Kauchick, former Leadership Director for the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, announced her campaign to run for mayor of Muscle Shoals in the upcoming municipal elections on August 25.

Kauchick, whose career includes relationship building, leadership strategy and communication, seeks to bring her business experience and passion to the Mayor's Office during uncertain times.

"Now, more than ever, Muscle Shoals needs a servant leader and effective communicator,” said Kauchick. “This pandemic has affected us all – both essential and non-essential employees, small business owners, service providers and healthcare professionals. We’re all seeking a new normal, but there’s no one-size-fits-all model. The city needs someone who will take the time to listen to our citizens and invite them to the table to encourage civic engagement. This will help us not only to rebuild the footing we may lose during this pandemic, but also to implement plans for the City that reflect the needs of those we aim to serve.”

Kauchick also has some new ideas for the city, including recruiting and supporting locally-owned small businesses, creating a citywide branding campaign focused on the music industry; ensuring infrastructure is in place to reduce flooding in both residential and commercial areas; and establishing a curbside recycling program. Kauchick also wants to implement a citywide communications plan that includes dedicated open-door hours at the Mayor's office and the utilization of social media outlets to keep citizens better informed.

If elected, Kauchick will be the first female to hold office in the City of Muscle Shoals.. “You have to be the change you want to see in your community,” she said. “I am proud to live in a city known for its rich musical heritage and excellent school system, but we can do a better job capitalizing on the assets we have. To do that, we need community buy-in. Our city government has often been considered an operational island. As mayor, I will work toward bridging those relationship gaps, both within city limits and toward our neighbors.”

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