About Me

Hi, I'm Chelsea. 

Community-rooted Career

At my core, I am a connector. One of my passions is linking and leveraging community members and resources to solve big problems. I served for six years as Director of Marketing & Leadership Programs at the Shoals Chamber of Commerce where I championed both aspiring youths and professional adults to take pride in their community and achieve ideas bigger than themselves.


I am a proud University of North Alabama alumna with a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Writing and Marketing.

My experience has proven time and again that by communicating goals and cooperating with others, our community can reach beyond the barriers we've set for ourselves in the past.


Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Volunteers

Sweet home, Shoals

For more than 30 years, I've called the Shoals home. In 2009, I moved from Florence to Muscle Shoals where I reside with my husband of 8 years (Mike) and my

six-year-old, lively daughter (Adele).


It's been said that home is where the heart is, and that's true. My heart has been serving the Shoals community through everything I do from my professional career, to how I choose to use my free time.

I'm an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the many nature trails our community has to offer. I also author a self-help blog focused on managing stress and anxiety, particularly for working moms.

Leadership Shoals, Class of 2020 

Mission to Serve

My desire to make an impact on my community led me to serve as a Founding Member of Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful, the first river-focused affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. 

I also co-developed the Shoals Poverty Simulation for participants to experience the real-life struggles of families who live below the federal poverty line. 

Like you, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected my routine, but I continue to search for ways to be of service. I currently deliver face masks to healthcare professionals

and identify childcare providers for their teams. I also

co-manage a social media page focused on sharing important coronavirus updates for the Shoals.

I enjoy teaching Sunday school at First Presbyterian Church where I attend regularly and offer resume writing assistance for those seeking employment.